The Solo Canary Laid a Large Egg, and then Another

An unexpected mother’s day gift

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author’s photo of canary and egg laid on Mother’s Day
Gino/Gina, photo by author

Many things can happen during the day that we don’t see coming.

Prior to this morning, I did not know single tiny canaries can drop a rather large egg.

Google research quickly revealed, yes, it happens. Often in overfed females.

I was beginning to suspect that the stout red tabby Mario and the plump canary Gino had overly healthy appetites this Spring.

I wasn’t imagining things.

These days I have so much nervous energy from caretaking, I can see now I’ve probably overfed my early morning buddies. Every persistent meow or chirp sends me refilling their bowls, receptacles for my baseline anxiety.

They have me on a leash, say the Millennials.

Regardless, it was a lovely mother’s day surprise as I sat communing with the canary, sipping my coffee by the fire before the house stirred. Then she dropped an egg in her birdbath.

Thanks Gino/Gina. For sharing that moment.

photo by the author

And a second egg appeared the day following: